The ‘American Horror Story’ Murder House Has Become A Different Kind Of Nightmare For Its Owners


When you’re buying a property associated with a Ryan Murphy joint, it helps to have that info ahead of time. That way you can steady yourself for fans and the prospect of Evan Peters hanging out in the cupboard under the sink. The current owners of the American Horror Story “murder house” from season one said they weren’t given the heads up about their new abode’s history and now they’re taking legal action.

According to a report from The Real Deal, the owners of the Rosenheim Mansion have filed a suit in LA County Superior Court claiming that they were not informed of the home’s horror anthology past. Purchased for $3.2 million, the mansion has served as a tourist attraction for AHS obsessives who according to the suit “trespass, attempt to break in, and [create] a significant nuisance.” The suit makes the claim that the owners would not have purchased the mansion if they were aware of the fan presence at the home.

In addition to complaints about being an unwanted tourist destination, the attorney representing the owners claims the brokers of the deal neglected to mention there were two ghosts haunting the home. That particular issue is not brought up in the lawsuit, presumably because of California paranormal law reasons or something along those lines. The couple are not seeking to sell the (haunted?) mansion and are seeking damages for their ordeal.

Complaints about unwanted fan attention, trespassing and general looky-loos certainly aren’t new when it comes to homes that are celebrities in themselves. Homes associated with The Goonies, Full House and loads more pop culture staples have had similar issues. If there’s a silver lining for the suing couple, it’s that they aren’t living in the big top from American Horror Story: Freak Show.

If you’d like a peek at the murder house from American Horror Story without making the trek, there’s no shortage of options online from fans checking in on the mansion.

(Via The Real Deal & TV Tattle)