John Cena

Dark Match Dungeon: John Cena vs. Shelton Benjamin

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In this new feature, we take a look at dark matches of the past that feature the stars of today. Here's an early sighting of THE PROTOTYPE.

sexual harassment

Somebody Catcall My Momma: Was Thea Vidale Sexually Harassed During Her Time In WWE?

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According to reports, actress Thea Vidale aka Shelton Benjamin's Momma says WWE was full of sexual harassment and a low point of her career.


Happy 49th Birthday, HBK: Shawn Michaels’ 10 Best Post-First-Retirement Matches

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To celebrate Shawn Michaels' 49th birthday, David D. put together a list of HBK's ten best-post-first retirement matches.


Milan Michalek Better Czech Himself Before He Wrecks Himself

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I also would've accepted, "Milan Michalek Better Chalek Himself Before He Wrecks Himself".

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