Here Are The Really Neat Shoes That Dwyane Wade Left The Jordan Brand To Make


Dwyane Wade hates America, that’s what I’m taking away from the news that he left Michael Jordan’s brand to become the new face of the Chinese company Li Ning.

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The Miami Heat Went To China, Presumably To Beat Every Team There


David Stern loves sending teams around the world for exhibition games, because it means more money for the league and owners.


Tom Brady Plays Invisible Airport Football For UGG, Because Of Course He Does


In a new commercial that perfectly illustrates the value of wearing fuzzy pink boots made out of Muppet fur in public, UGG's "Invisible Game" features New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady catching a pretend pass from a precocious child in an airport and engaging in a full-on tackle football in the concourse.


Souped-Up Kicks: 20 Awesome Pairs Of Geeky Hand-Painted Sneakers


What's Shop in Bangkok, Thailand, sells geeky hand-painted sneakers we want to own. We've collected pictures of our 20 favorite pairs here.


The Subculture of Sneakerheads

In this episode of Subculture Club, Thrash Lab has captured the purchase process, the lifestyle, and the expenses of the hard-core sneaker collector.

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Nike Gave LeBron James A Free Pair Of Shoes


It was announced on Saturday that Miami Heat forward LeBron James was awarded MVP for the third time in his career, after leading his team to a 46-20 regular season record and the No.


Nike's Air Alliance Pits Cartoon Kevin Durant Against Mad Shoe Scientists

Every few years, a TV network or a shoe company decides that sports guys should be super heroes.


Thirty Awesome Nerdy Shoes

Nerds are actually fairly crafty, which we all know from those endless games of "Diplomacy" we played.

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These Links Are Certainly Not A Trap

'Jeff Who Lives at Home' nails every indie dramedy trailer cliche (with side-by-sides) |Film Drunk| The 10 Most Promising Web Contents Created From Thursday Night Television |UPROXX| Meme Watch: It’s About Time We Gave ‘Forever Resentful Mother’ Her Own Feature |UPROXX| Call Your [...].


Breaking News: Ndamukong Suh Has Serious Anger Management Issues


If this ends up being true, it might be the greatest thing ever: during an interview with KXTG in Portland, Oregon, former Packers offensive lineman Matt Brock introduced the theory that Ndamukong Suh's Thanksgiving stomp session may have happened because Green Bay offensive line coach James Campen told Evan Dietrich-Smith to untie Suh's shoes.


Six Seasons And A Movie Of Morning Links


Links NBC ‘Fixes’ Schedule by Removing ‘Community’ - I can't wait for them to cancel 'Parks and Recreation' to replace it with something stupid about a single woman in the big city trying to balance a relationship and a career.


Wear Your Nerditry With The DC Comics Collection By Converse


Coincidentally, "Vooos kazaak shrrip thwboom.


Links With Snazzy Hats And Even Snazzier Shoes

EXCLUSIVE: 'Game of Thrones' Season 1 Death Montage |Warming Glow| Fake Anything Is Readying An Ad Campaign For All Of Your Inside Jokes |UPROXX| StuntBusters: Like MythBusters, But With More Exploding Death |With Leather| Michael J.


LeBron’s Mom Will Look Beautiful When She Meets Jesus Tonight


It looks like nobody's playing pro basketball on Christmas this year, but that hasn't stopped Nike from handing out their annual "ugliest imaginable shoes" Christmas presents to their top players.


Never Forget, Unless We Tell You To


In a pro football world where wearing high-top cleats to honor the passing of Johnny Unitas can earn you a $25,000 fine, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that players hoping to wear red, white and blue gear on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is a punishable offense.


Moments Later, Kevin Durant Was Gunned Down By Libyans

In today's Morning Links, we linked to two stories about the return of Back To The Future to the pop culture landscape, four whole years before holographic sharks and the Chicago Cubs as a legitimate baseball team.

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