#Batman vs. Superman

Holly Hunter Drops A Few Hints About ‘Batman V Superman’

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Holly Hunter won't tell us who she's playing in 'Batman V. Superman'... but she's enjoying ogling her costars.


Might Jessica Chastain Be In A Marvel Movie? It’s Looking That Way.

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Jessica Chastain is apparently speaking with Marvel... but what role might she play?

Ant Man

What Superteam Is The ‘Ant-Man’ Movie Setting Up?

By | 8 Comments

'Ant-Man' might be paving the way for another Marvel superteam.


What Dangers Lie Ahead In Tonight’s ‘Hannibal’ Finale?

By | 12 Comments

We don't know exactly how tonight's finale of 'Hannibal' will play out... but we've got a few guesses.


‘Batman: Arkham Origins': Who Is The Eighth Assassin?

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'Batman: Arkham Origins' has eight assassins out for a Batman head... but we only know seven of eight.


What’s The Difference Between ‘Superman Vs. Batman’ And ‘Batman Vs. Superman’?

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Now that Comic-Con 2013 has come and gone and we’ve been able to sort through the burrito wrappers and unopened condoms to dig out the big news items and make a little more sense of them, I think it’s safe to agree with our Gamma Squad cohorts’ assumption that Warner Bros.


Did Sony Announce Its Spider-Man Plans To Force Disney To Eventually Pay Up?

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As Vince wrote on Tuesday, Sony Pictures announced this week its plans to remain in the Spider-Man business for a long, long time, with the current Andrew Garfield Amazing series expected to release it third film in 2016 and a fourth in 2018 after the actor turns 35.


Googleland: Wherein We Speculate When Google Will Buy A Country

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Google is, sooner or later, going to buy a country. But why? And why would a country agree to be bought?


Stan Lee’s Thor Cameo Revealed?!?!


Everyone get out their magical speculation robes, it's time to dress up like cult members and theorize over movie news that may or may not be true.

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