Forget Sabermetrics, SportsCenter Knows What Makes A Baseball Team Great


Here's the Worldwide Leader In Sports sharing the important/fun fact that the Atlanta Braves won 13 (eventually 14) games in a row after opening a Waffle House at Turner Field.


Rickie Fowler Had Some Fun With His Colorful Clothes In A New SportsCenter Ad


Say what you want about ESPN – that the Worldwide Leader has become the sports journalism equivalent of Fox News or MSNBC, the network holds a pathetic grudge against the NHL for not cowtowing and pretending that the coverage is bigger than the sport, it pays more money to sensationalist hacks like Skip Bayless and Stephen A.


Georgia Guttadauro Makes SportsCenter’s Top Plays, Is Adorable About It


With Jennie Finch gone, we don't spend a lot of time writing about women's softball.


Chael Sonnen Is Still Not Taking This Fight Very Seriously

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Chael Sonnen is now three days away from his Light Heavyweight Championship match against Jon 'Bones' Jones at UFC 159.


Steve Carell Delivered The Top Plays On SportsCenter

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Steve Carell and Jim Carrey are currently making their rounds to promote their upcoming comedy, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, in which they play rival magicians vying for a premium Las Vegas gig.


Anchorman's Brick Tamland Does SportsCenter's Top Plays


Steve Carell attempts to channel Brick Tamland during SportsCenter's "Top Plays" segment.


Liam Neeson is honest on Sportscenter, and it’s beautiful

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Liam Neeson went on Sportscenter to promote Taken 2 yesterday (2aken.


This Is SportsCenter: Cam Newton Wins Again


John Anderson is curious about Cam Newton's latest award in this brand new "This Is SportsCenter" commercial.


Slayer Sports News: Slayer Reacts To Slayer Being Mentioned On Sports

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As a human being attached to a sports blog, it is my contractual duty to report any and all Slayer-related sports news.


The John Clayton “This is SportsCenter” Commercial Blooper Reel


Here are some bloopers and outtakes from John Clayton's wildly successful <a href="http://clipnation.com/john-clayton-espn/">"This is SportsCenter" commercial</a>.


The Father of the ‘SportsCenter’ Theme Song


John Colby composed the iconic "dadada, dadada" theme song for SportsCenter, one of the most recognizable in sports (and television) history.


This Is ESPN, This Is The Real John Clayton

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ESPN's John Clayton, everyone's favorite Mr.


SportsCenter Is Just Trolling Us Now

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As much as I’d love to fire hipsters on a rocket into the sun, I have to admit that when it comes to anything ESPN-related I am quite the scarf-flipper.


LeBron James Would Like You To Know That LeBron James

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In case you forgot during the eight microseconds you spent shifting your eyes' gaze from the above headline to this sentence, I would like to remind you that LeBron James.

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