Ray Rice Spoke On SportsCenter About The Greg Hardy Domestic Abuse Pictures

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Basically every sports personality rightfully admonished Greg Hardy after the recent horrifying photos of his then-girlfriend Nicole Holder were released Friday.

However, it was a bit unexpected when SportsCenter interviewed none other than Ray Rice…yes, that Ray Rice, about the Hardy situation.

Rice at least said all the right things(something Hardy has yet to understand how to do) when speaking to Hannah Storm, saying that he doesn’t think that it should take the photos being released to understand the severity of Hardy’s actions.

“It really shouldn’t take photos or anything to understand the severity of domestic violence. It happens every eight seconds as we speak. It does continue to raise awareness. It’s just a tough deal that sometimes it takes a visual and photos for the severity of it to be known. My deepest condolences go out to the survivors of domestic violence.”

Rice also spoke about the fact that he was not given the same second chance to play in the league that Hardy received from Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

“I’m only in a position to speak about myself and focus on my situation because every situation is different, but I totally understand that what my visuals did and the effect it had on society and the survivors of domestic violence. So for me to never be forgiven, I understand those things and I totally take full responsibility for my actions. But one thing I can say is that over this period of time, being around my family, I’m thankful for my wife, I’m thankful for my kid. I made a lifelong decision that I’ll forever be indebted to raising awareness about this because I have a little girl that has to grow up. I used to have a situation where kids were like ‘I wanna be like Ray Rice,’ and now I’m going to have to think about kids or parents now saying ‘I don’t want you to be like Ray Rice.'”

Rice hasn’t played in the NFL since the 2013 season with the Ravens where he finished with 660 yards rushing and four touchdowns in 15 games.

(Via ESPN)