‘Goodbye, Ghibli’ Is The Greatest Tribute To Studio Ghibli And It Comes From An Unlikely Source

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This fantastic tribute to Studio Ghibli is well worth the watch, especially considering who put it together.


Studio Ghibli May Have Just Been Saved By A Video Game Developer

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This weekend we heard the sad news that Studio Ghibli may be shutting down or at least pausing production. But now there's good news.


Breaking: Studio Ghibli Is Shutting Down (UPDATE: But There’s Still Hope)

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After anime's Walt Disney, Hayao Miyazaki, retired last year, we'd heard rumors of Studio Ghibli shutting down. Sadly, the rumors were true.


‘The Simpsons’ Has Concocted A Fantastic Tribute To Hayao Miyazaki And Studio Ghibli

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'The Simpsons' went all out in creating a tribute to Hayao Miyazaki for this week's episode.


Miyazaki’s Latest Has an English Trailer + The Morning Links

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Hayao Miyazaki, and all the folks at Studio Ghibli (Jibbly like "Jif peanut butter," not Gibbly like "GIF" or "Go f*ck yourself if you soft-G"), have consistently dished out some of the greatest films of all time.

The Wicker Tree

A Nerd’s Guide to Surviving the January/February Movie Dumping Grounds

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January and February are a terrible time to be a person who likes movies.


These Ron Swanson And Other Pop Culture Hoops Deserve All The Bacon And Eggs We Have


Chelsea Bloxsom at <a href="">Love and a Sandwich</a> made the embroidery hoop above (and thanks to <a href="">TheClearlyDope</a> for the headline).


Humpday Mashup Dump


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of <a href="../2011/05/the-best-of-power-girl-cosplay#page/1">Power Girl</a>.

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