Soundtracks To Summer: Drake’s “The Ride”

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"You know it's real when your latest nights are your greatest nights...


Did A Bogus Copyright Claim Erase A Negative Drake Review From Google?

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A vaguely negative review of Drake's Take Care has been erased from Google after Universal Music Group filed a bogus copyright complaint.


Drake Drops A Deuce: “Take Care” Video Feat. Rihanna x “HYFR” Video Feat. Lil Wayne

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Not only did Drake drop one big, long awaited video ("Take Care" with Rihanna), he decided to precede it by unveiling the new visuals for "HYFR" with Wayne via OVO, right before the former's debut*.


Drake’s Rep: “Marvin’s Room” Lawsuit “Without Merit”

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"I don't think I'm conscious of making monsters, Outta the women that I sponsor 'til it all goes bad" A rep for Drake responded on the rapper's behalf, stating there was no wrongdoing on their side in regards to an ex's "Marvin's Room" lawsuit and they can't wait to take it to the courts.


When Drunk-Dialing Goes Wrong: Drake Sued By “Marvin’s Room” Ex

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Looks like Drake's drunk-dialing scored him a hit but also may end up costing him more than any other man in known history.


Drake & Outasight Perform At The 2012 NHL All Star Game

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Photo: NHL Despite being centered on a huge chunk of ice, the National Hockey League isn't oblivious to the notion that they don't exactly have the coolest sport amongst urban sports fans.


Drake Feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga – “The Motto” Video

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Amidst the controversy that is Drake having Serena bent over a tennis net (ALLEGEDLY.


12.16 The Maildrop — Camp Vs. Take Care, Tiny Loves T.I., Rosewood’s Dead & So Is Stand-Up Comedy

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Time flies when you're having fun, and we're already in our fourth installment of the TSS Maildrop.


Drake & OG Ron C – ChopCare

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Drake's Take Care gets chopped up, not slopped up by OG Ron C and with complete approval by Drizzy himself.


Florence + The Machine Perform Drake’s “Take Care”

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Video footage of Florence + The Machine covering Drake's "Take Care" BBC 1 Radio's "Live Lounge" on 25th November 2011.


NBA Lockouts On Wax: The Music That Defined 2 Labor Disputes

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It doesn't look like the NBA will be back anytime soon, as the lockout continues in the wake of the players deciding to dissolve the union.


Drake Reacts To “Take Care” Leak: “Listen, Enjoy It, Buy It”

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As the Internuts know by now, Drake's Take Care sprung a leak last night but the artist, who owes part of his early success to the web, seemed to take it all in stride.


On Drake, Phonte & The Fear Of Getting Murdered On Your Own Sh*t

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In this month's issue of The Source, cover boy Drake dished out his top five albums of all time.


Drake Feat. Lil Wayne – “The Motto”

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"The Motto" isn't listed on yesterday's Take Care tracklisting reveal but deductive reasoning leads me to believe the song's the untitled bonus cut.


First Look: Drake’s “Take Care” Tracklisting, Album Cover Explanation

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ATF gives the world what's said to be the official tracklisting for Drake's Take Care, his sophomore effort on Young Money set to release on November 15th.


Drake Covers November 2011 Issue Of The Source Magazine, Eats Gold Chain

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As if he already couldn't taste the hate with every ounce of 14kt he drapes his body in, Drake is The Source Magazine's cover boy for the very first time and he's putting his mouth where (some) of his money is.


Drake Says The Weeknd Will Be On Four “Take Care” Songs

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While we patiently wait on the official tracklist for Drake's Take Care, the speculation behind the amount of R&B featured on the project continues to make itself apparent.


Drake Feat. Lil Wayne – “The Real Her”

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The Internuts got their hands on Drake's "The Real Her," which may irk listeners who aren't fans of R&B Drizzy.

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