Drake Is Stoking ‘Take Care 2’ Rumors To A Fever Pitch With This Moody Instagram Post


For what it’s worth, the best Drake songs are the ones where Drake is deepest in his feelings. This is best exemplified by the general notion that Take Care is widely considered his best album and the closest he’s ever come to making a rap classic. Of course, the cover has Drake looking his most depressed and despondent, despite being surrounded by the trappings of wealth.

So when Drake posted a picture to his Instagram looking similarly introspective and fed up with fame, fans took it as a sign that Drake was possibly back in Take Care mode ahead of his next album. The evidence is all there: He’s back to making moody jams, he’s being petty on social media, he’s winning at life, but still taking time out to be shady as hell about it, and oh, his two biggest muses, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are both reportedly in new, happy relationships, and we all know how Drake usually reacts to that.

If Drake is back to making petty, drunk-dialing-his-ex-at-two-in-the-morning music, it is certainly a great time for it. More Life was celebratory and upbeat, but maybe leaned too heavily into the pop records for many of his staunchest supporters. A return to form for Drizzy might be just the thing to overcome listener fatigue and put Drake back at the forefront of rap superstardom. Compare the cover to Take Care below.