Is The iPad The Ultimate F-You To People Who Text Obsessively During Movies?

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Unfortunately few movie theaters have strict, no bullsh*t policies ala Austin's Alamo Drafthouse theater when it comes to texting during movies.

uh oh

People Are More Truthful In Texts, Apparently


One of the biggest problems researchers in academia face is the fact that people lie constantly, for reasons ranging from shame to really just wanting the test subject money to finding it hilarious to mess with PhD candidates.


Meme Watch: The iPhone Whale

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If you haven't spent much time on Reddit lately, you may have missed out on the explosion of "iPhone whale" related pictures there since SweetAlmighty posted the picture above in r/funny two days ago with the title "Life of a Whale Biologist.


15-30% of Americans are Still Texting While Driving?


We could say this politely, but why bother: Texting while driving is pretty stupid, as demonstrated by Entourage's Kevin Connelly at right.


Will ‘Blackberry Neck’ Make Us Prematurely Look All Disgusting And Withered?


So what's the latest horrifying way experts say modern technology is destroying our lives.


Can People Stop Texting and Driving?


Last year, AT&T kicked off its "Txtng & Drivng.


Deal With These Links


100 of the most ridiculous Yahoo.


Do Hot Girls Get Better Treatment?

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Thanks to this wonderful world that we call the Internet, I can’t scroll through five pages of various web sites without asking, “Whoa, who is that girl.


Bronx Zoo Lion Cubs Are Ridiculously Cute, Should Stay Away From Florida

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Bestiality is still legal in Florida, as lawmakers have once again failed to pass a law banning it.


Death By Text…

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Screw the controversy, if your humor is on the side of sickness like mine, you'll get a kick out of this new British public service announcement against texting while driving.

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