the game

Game Feat. Scarface And Kendrick Lamar – “Murder”

By | 14 Comments

You know what Game's compilation album Jesus Piece needed more of.

Wiz Khalifa

Game Feat. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa & Lil Wayne – “Celebration” Video

By | 11 Comments

Hearing Game's "Celebration" was one thing, but seeing the Matt Alonzo-directed visual was another.

What's Beef?

Chris Brown Disses Drake In “I Don’t Like” Freestyle

By | 33 Comments

Just when the commotion behind <a href="">the Chris Brown-Drake fiasco</a> seemed to subsiding, Chris went as pissed gasoline onto the fire.

#Jay Z

Crew Love: The April Edition

By | 21 Comments

As the rainy season began to subside, April came and went: ushering in the next few months of warmth, sunligh, and barbeque weather.

the game

The Game x DJ Skee – California Republic Mixtape

By | 16 Comments

The Game may be a lot of things, but a wack rapper he is not.

the game

First Look: Game’s “California Republic” Mixtape Cover

By | 14 Comments

The Game's relationship with DJ Skee has been fruitful in the past, and the duo looks to extend their winning streak with upcoming mixtape California Republic.

The R.E.D. Album

Game Feat. Kendrick Lamar – “The City” Video

By | 15 Comments

Regardless if the art of the "music video" has been saturated to no end thanks to the Internet, every once and awhile one will drop that actually serves its purpose.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo

By | 11 Comments

We've got an extra-large batch of movies hitting DVD this week, so there's something for everyone.

Vybz Cartel

Cases By The Boatload: 8 Outrageous Court Orders MCs Want To Forget

By | 9 Comments

Earlier today, news began to surface that <a href="">Game</a> had been ordered by a judge to <a href="">pay five million dollars</a> to a group of North Carolina police officers.

waka flocka flame

N.O.R.E. Feat. Busta Rhymes, Game & Waka Flocka Flame – “Lehhgooo”

By | 2 Comments

Even though the hook repeatedly says "Lehhgooo," <a href="">Noreaga</a> isn't referring to the toy building blocks you've had to pull from your nephews mouth.

the game

Soulja Boy Feat. Game – “Too Faded”

By | 6 Comments

Man, I swear Game dissed Soujla Boy at some point in his career, but I guess rap memories are fleeting.

the game

Obie Trice Feat. Game – “Growing Up In The Hood”

By | 6 Comments

Those who've been patrolling the web for years probably downloaded "Growing Up In The Hood" some six or seven years ago.

tyler the creator

Game Feat. Tyler, The Creator & Lil Wayne – “Martians Vs. Goblins” Video

By | 7 Comments

<a href="">Chuck's</a> R.

#Kanye West

Megaupload Is The New ‘We Are The World,’ Apparently

By | 4 Comments

Back when I was a kid, to get an eye-popping collection of musical talent like P Diddy, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Lil John, Jamie Foxx, Mary J Blige, The Game and Will.


Game To Make An Honest Woman Out Of His Longtime Girlfriend

By | 5 Comments

Watching Game mature in the public eye has been nonstop entertainment and a struggle.

The R.E.D. Album

“All I Know” – Review Of Game’s The R.E.D. Album

By | 57 Comments

Unlike the relatively swift turnaround for <a href="">Game's</a> second studio from his debut amidst label turmoil, The R.

the game

PoV: Kendrick Lamar’s Crowning Moment

By | 21 Comments

A very dope shot from Kendrick's show a few weeks ago when his peers knighting him as <a href="">the leader of the West</a>.

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