The Game Calls Tekashi 69 A ‘Fake Blood,’ But Offers A Sympathetic Take On His ‘Snitching’ Predicament

The hip-hop world has spent the last week weighing in on incarcerated rapper Tekashi 69 after he testified against his former crew members Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack in a bid for a reduced sentence in the racketeering case against him and the Nine Trey Bloods, and for the most part, the response has been overwhelmingly negative. However, one of his staunchest critics gave a surprisingly sympathetic reaction despite admonishing him for being a “fake Blood” and a “snitch.” TMZ recently caught up with Compton rapper The Game, who gave a thoughtful response while still maintaining the party line on Tekashi.

“I feel sad for that kid,” he said. I feel sad for a lot of kids, you know, getting into this shit and don’t know what they doing man. Claiming to be something that they not, and you know, this how it turns out, man. So at this point I guess he got to do what he got to do to save yourself, but snitchin’ ain’t the way partner.” He also added that he believes that, “You gotta do the time. I don’t care how long it is, we ain’t snitchin’ out here.”

He may even believe that, but as 50 Cent pointed out recently, it’s hard to tell someone what they should or shouldn’t do when they’re facing a possible 47-year sentence at the age of 23 for racketeering charges. Effectively, Tekashi was being charged with crimes he himself never committed, simply for claiming the gang on Instagram and Youtube — something many of the elder rappers admonishing him have done and continue to do themselves.

Tekashi’s freedom still rests in the hands of the judge presiding over the case, who can determine whether Tekashi serves out his five-year sentence or gets released as early as 2020.