Breck Eisner Will Direct Jaden Smith In ‘The Karate Kid 2: Daddy Bought Me This’

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Twitter philosopher Jaden Smith will return for 'The Karate Kid 2' with director Breck Eisner now attached.


The Chicago Blackhawks May Have Beaten The Mets In The Race For The Year's Most Awkward Holiday Video

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Chicago Blackhawks players dressed up as movie characters for a holiday video that may be the season's most awkward. Yes, they made a Mighty Ducks joke.


William Zabka Dressed Up As A 'Karate Kid' Skeleton For Halloween

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Over the next few days, we’re going to see approximately 1 billion photos of random celebrities and famous people dressed up for Halloween parties, and this is basically my second favorite time of year, with the first also being Halloween, but for seeing babies and animals dressed up in costumes.


Here’s Anderson Silva In The Trailer For ‘Tapped,’ AKA Every MMA Movie Ever

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Burnsy is only one day into his 73 Sports Movies In 73 Days project, but I'm hoping Tapped gets released in time to make the cut.


This Is How UFC 148 Looked In My Brain

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As funny as a bull gutting Chael Sonnen is, the funniest part of the video is Mr.


The Best Morning Links Around


Nothing's ever gonna keep 'em down.



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The cool thing about being a ridiculously wealthy celebrity is that if you like a movie, you can just put your kid in it, like movie karaoke.

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