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New ‘Watch Dogs’ Gameplay Shows How To Hack A City

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'Watch Dogs' rolls out some gameplay that gets hacking hilariously wrong, but will still probably be a lot of fun.


Sagging Wii U Sales Means ‘ZombiU’ Isn’t Getting A Sequel Any Time Soon

By | 3 Comments

Eagerly awaiting the ZombiU sequel? Hopefully not too eagerly.


The Xbox One’s Used Game Policies Confuse Publishers, Too

By | 36 Comments

Among the people with no idea what to make of the Xbox One's used game features? Ubisoft and EA.


Michael Bay To Respect The DNA Of ‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon’

By | 5 Comments

Michael Bay will develop 'Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon' for a potential movie franchise, and he may also direct it.


‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ Is Still Coming Out! Here’s A Video From E3

By | 7 Comments

Ubisoft bought the rights to 'South Park: The Stick of Truth' when THQ declared bankruptcy. Here's the E3 trailer.

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‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’ Drops A Bounteous Pair Of E3 Trailers

By | 2 Comments

Come at me, bro. Ubisoft unveiled two long trailers for 'Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag' at E3.

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Fassassin’s Creed: Michael Fassbender’s ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Movie Gets A Release Date

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Last summer Michael Fassbender signed to star in and co-produce an 'Assassin's Creed' movie. Now it has a release date. Guess what it's up against.

Michael Biehn

‘Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’ Gets A Fake Movie Trailer (With A Laser Shark!) And A One-Liners Supercut


The pun-filled '80s cheesefest that is 'Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon' has inspired a fake movie trailer. Plus a supercut of the best and worst one-liners.


'Watch Dogs' Has A Release Date And An Out Of Control New Trailer

By | 6 Comments

'Watch Dogs' dials down the hacking, and dials up the explosions in its latest trailer...


Random Bear Attacks And Starting Forest Fires Are All Part Of The Game In 'Far Cry 3'

By | 4 Comments

Now, serious question, will the bears try to shame you if you start a forest fire?


Tom Hardy Starring In ‘Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell’ Movie

By | 4 Comments

Tom Hardy has signed to play Sam Fisher in the film adaptation of 'Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell'.

Assassin's Creed III

Assassin's Creed III: The Review

By | 22 Comments

Assassin's Creed III is a weak entree surrounded by the most delicious side dishes you have ever eaten in your life.

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The Official UK Trailer For ‘Assassin’s Creed 3′ Kicks A Redcoat Right In The Balls

By | 17 Comments

Ubisoft's official UK trailer for 'Assassin's Creed 3' includes warfare, explosions, tragic childhood flashbacks, groin violence, and wobble bass.

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Fassassin’s Creed: Michael Fassbender’s ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Movie Adaptation Snags Funding

By | 10 Comments

In July, Michael Fassbender <a href="">signed with Ubisoft</a> to star in and co-produce the first film in the gaming company’s <a href="">Assassin’s Creed</a> franchise.


Let’s Meet Some Of The Folks Who Are Going To Drive You Insane In ‘Far Cry 3′


Let's get acquainted with some of the lunatics from Far Cry 3...


How Far Is Too Far When It Comes To Digital Rights Management (DRM) Of Video Games?

By | 13 Comments

DRM: love it or hate it, on games it's not going anywhere. But how far are you willing to let it go?

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