MMA Roundtable: Which Fighter Had The Performance Of A Lifetime?

An expert panel of MMA fans discuss the best and worst performances inside a cage.

UFC 187

UFC 187 Live Discussion: A New Champion Will Be Crowned


UFC 187 is a huge PPV with two titles on the line. Let's talk about all the action that goes down inside the cage!

UFC 187

UFC 187 Predictions: Who Is Leaving Las Vegas As The New Light Heavyweight Champion?

The Uproxx Sports crew of experts and geniuses predict how every single fight on UFC 187 will go down.

UFC 187

Chris Weidman Thinks Vitor Belfort’s Steroid Test Results Are Fishy


The results of random testing undergone by both fighters have been released, and the champion has a few questions regarding the challenger's levels.


Chael Sonnen And Vitor Belfort Fought The Nevada State Athletic Commission. Who Won?


Here are the details from the very convenient meetings between Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort and the Nevada State Athletic Commission.


Chael Sonnen Was Right, Wanderlei Silva Won’t Fight Him At UFC 175


Wanderlei Silva has been dropped from UFC 175, which means that Chael Sonnen will now have to fight the furious Vitor Belfort.


Vitor Belfort Is A ‘Values Enforcer’ For God In The Strangest Video Of The Week


The Elevation Church in North Carolina enlisted UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort as a 'Values Enforcer' in a strange viral video.


UFC Fight Night Live Discussion: Belfort Vs. Henderson


Vitor Belfort steps up to light heavyweight to take on Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night, and he'll get a shot at the middleweight title with a win.


Chael Sonnen Wants Wanderlei Silva Next And Hopes To Ref Silva-Weidman II


Chael Sonnen is brash, bold, loud-mouthed, hyperbolic, arrogant and plenty of other adjectives, and he’s already won every fight that he’s ever been in weeks before the fight even happens.


Vitor Belfort Is Sorry That He Wanted To Beat A Guy Up For Asking About TRT


After his first round KO over former Strikeforce middleweight champ Luke Rockhold at UFC on FX 8, Vitor Belfort was questioned by MMA journalist John Morgan about his use of the controversial testosterone-replacement therapy and he responded by asking, “Can somebody beat him up for me, please.


UFC Round-Up: UFC On FX 8 Results And The Bleak Future Of UFC 161


In case you were unable to join us for Saturday’s free fights at UFC on FX 8, you missed business as usual in the UFC’s Middleweight division.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC On FX 8


The UFC, in its ever-ambitious quest to keep doing what works, returns to Brazil for UFC on FX 8, which will showcase native son Vitor Belfort in what could be a very exciting and important match against Luke Rockhold.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC On FX 7


We’re only three weeks into the New Year, fight fans, and we are spoiled brats.


And Now, The Smooth Sounds Of Vitor Belfort

If there's one thing I'd like to see at UFC on FX 7: Belfort vs.


Al Bundy Was Brock Lesnar To The Gracie Kids


'Modern Family' star Ed O'Neill ("star" meaning "one of the 34 people from the show nominated for Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series at Sunday's Primetime Emmy Awards) is a 22-year veteran of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC 152


Well, it feels like it's been a while since we last met, but here we are, on the verge of watching Jon Jones prove that he's not the coward that so many people called him after UFC 151 was canceled.


Now He's The Ultimate One-Armed Fighter


I've never fought professionally, so this video has taught me a valuable lesson -- if a guy has his body wrapped around my arm and is trying to break it, I shouldn't stand up and shake my arm around to make him stop.


All Anderson Silva Wants To Do Is F**k This Cheeseburger


How does UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva stay in good enough shape to kick Vitor Belfort's teeth down his throat.

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