UFC Fight Night 77: Henderson Vs Belfort III Predictions

Hey fight fans! UFC is back again in Brazil and the card looks pretty dang good. The fights begin at 6:30PM ET on Fight Pass with the early prelims, then move on to Fox Sports 1 at 8PM ET with the regular prelims. The main card will also be on Fox Sports 1 starting at 10PM ET, culminating in the third fight between Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort. Let’s jump into those patented Uproxx Sports predictions!

Important Standings of Note:

Jessica: 500-345-6 (59 percent)
Burnsy: 498-313-6 (61 percent)
Vince: 228-148-2 (61 percent)
Ryan: 10-5-1 (66 percent)
Danny: 161-77-1 (67 percent)
Spilled: 81-60-2 (57 percent)
Sydnie: 16-12 (57 percent)
Chris: 44-15-2 (74 percent)
NY Ric: 36-26-1 (57 percent)
Ghost: 6-7 (46 percent)
Seth: 32-15 (68 percent)
Biss: 41-39-1 (51 percent)
Jared: 96-54-1 (64 percent)
Melanie: 44-23 (66 percent)
Fake Mike Goldberg: 21-16 (57 percent)

Bantamweight – Bruno “Korea” Rodrigues vs Matheus Nicolau

Jessica: Fun Fact the First: Nicolau’s only loss is to Pedro Nobre, the guy that faked a spine injury, complete with stupid foam neck brace to sell a no contest against Iuri Alcantara. Fun Fact the Second: Bruno Korea’s first amateur fight was against Wagner China. How can I not go with Bruno Korea? Rodrigues wins by decision.

Jared: I’d be lying if I said I knew who both of these men are. Nicolau is a vicious striker and Bruno Korea is…someone (a TUF Latin America alum, maybe?). Nicolau via (T)KO.

New Dad Burnsy: Better late than never, fight fans, but I’m here and I’m joined by my first son (that I know of), Jack Burton Burns, just two weeks old. He’ll be making my picks for me this week, so he’s going with Bruno because I once had an English bulldog named Bruno and that’s all the reason that I (or in this case my son) will ever need to make an expert prediction.

Bantamweight – Pedro “The Young Punisher” Munhoz vs Jimmie “El Terror” Rivera

Jessica: Munhoz lost his first UFC bout, but that was as a late injury replacement, going against Raphael Assuncao, which is a damn tough test. He’s got two wins under his belt now, while Rivera put away Marcus Brimage, which still isn’t that impressive. Munhoz submits Rivera in the second.