The ‘Aquaman’ Movie Now Has Two Dueling Scripts

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Warner has hired writers to pen two separate scripts for 'Aquaman', because we can just never get enough Aquaman?


‘Justice League’ Has Found Its Director, But Only If ‘Man Of Steel’ Is A Hit

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We've already heard that Warner is only going to make 'Justice League' if 'Man Of Steel' does well. Now we also know who the director will be.


'Justice League' Script Doused In Gasoline, Tossed Into Massive Dumpster Fire

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It wouldn’t be a day of the week ending in –y if we didn’t have some juicy HOTT GOSS about the Justice League movie, and wouldn’t you know it – it’s all really bad.


Gangster Squad Review: M'Yeah, see, don't think too hard, see!

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The opening title card of Gangster Squad says "inspired by a true story," which is pretty funny, considering the movie immediately following it is Sin City meets Young Guns in the form of a Jimmy Cagney parody.


The Justice League Film Has A Writer, Possibly A Storyline, But Still No Director

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Despite having no director, presumably just one actor and simply existing as a clump of muddled rumors that all involve some variation of the phrase, “You know, just like Marvel’s The Avengers”, Warner Bros.


‘Justice League’ Is Coming In 2015, Thanks To The Superman Legal Case You May Not Have Heard About

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Following Warner's win of the Superman court case with the estates of Shuster and Siegel, the 'Justice League' movie and 'Batman' reboot are moving forward.


Batman Rumored To Be Rebooted Only Two Years From Now In 'Justice League'

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Warner needs another blockbuster franchise now that Batman and Harry Potter are over. We're hearing rumors that they may be returning to the Batman cash cow already.


Shockingly, Warner's Interested In Justice League Again Since Avengers Made $1.7 Billion

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[via] Hey, remember when Warner and DC Entertainment were developing a Justice League movie five years ago.

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