Meet The Stylish Teacher Who Wore The Same Outfit In His Yearbook Photo For 40 Years

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Teacher Dale Irby was a (yearbook) fashion icon for over four decades.

Introducing The Internet’s Class Of 2013 Yearbook MVPs

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The best the Class of 2013 had to offer in the form of typos, secret messages, group efforts, pop culture references, and killer burns.

This Girl’s Yearbook Quote Is Cooler Than Yours Will Ever Be

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Give it up, people trying to come up with memorable yearbook quotes. You'll never top this one.


Aaron Paul’s Yearbook Feature Reveals He Was A ‘Wild, Crazy’ Rollerblader And Basketball Spinning Champion

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We already know a lot about Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. But today we know a helluva lot more.


Teenager Arrested For Changing Classmate’s Last Name In Yearbook To ‘Masturbate’

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A 17-year old high school girl in Columbia, Missouri was arrested after she changed her classmate's last name in the yearbook to 'Masturbate'.


Amy Poehler And Conan Compared Yearbook Photos And How To Properly Swear At Babies

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The lovely Amy Poehler dropped by Conan last night and was her usual fun and charming self.


Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Was Breaking Hearts In This High School Yearbook Photo

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Aaron Paul (AKA Jesse Pinkman from 'Breaking Bad') was looking adorably dorky/grunge in his high school yearbook photo.


Rashida Jones Breaks Down Her Awkward Yearbook Photos On Twitter, Is The Coolest

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Whether this is simply a brilliant marketing idea or not (probably is), I really can't think of anything more endearing than captioning one of the roughest yearbook photos of all time with, "Deal with your collar, Jones."


Leonardo DiCaprio Is Clearly A Time-Traveling Lady Vampire From The 1960s Named Judy Zipper


We've been providing hard-hitting celebrity time-traveling vampire coverage <a href="" target="_blank">since 2011,</a> and as long as movie stars continue to resemble old black and white photos of non-famous people, we'll continue writing ridiculous headlines and using <a href="" target="_blank">the Time-Traveling Vampires tag</a>.


These Girls’ High School Yearbook Quotes Put All Others Quotes to Shame

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According to Wikipedia, “Nguyen” is the most common Vietnamese last name -- it’s their Smith (although with a <a href="">more disturbing history</a>).


You Are All Now Pregnant

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The Avengers <a href="">smashed several box office records</a> last weekend and also got us all pregnant, apparently.

#Kanye West

Were All Hip Hop Stars Adorable First Graders?

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I'm not usually never one to share photo compilations of young boys -- I am very <a href="" target="_blank">Frank Reynolds</a> when it comes to that sort of thing.


It Gets Better: Even Brad Pitt Was An Awkward Teenager


It's reassuring to know even suave, attractive, <a href="">philanthropic </a>celebrities were once awkward teenagers with boney limbs and unfortunate hairstyles, so the photo below of Brad Pitt is totally going on our inspiration board next to our yearbook photos of a be-Cosby-sweatered <a href="">Louis C.K.</a>, a smoldering high school <a href="">Nick Offerman</a>, and the adorably goth alterna-chick <a href="">Christina Hendricks</a>.


Freedom, Sarah Jessica Parker, And The Greatest Re-Dub Ever


The Washed Ferrari Scale: Rating Michael Bay’s Leading Ladies |Film Drunk| Olivia Wilde’s British GQ Comedy Issue Trailer Appearance Has Not Gone Unnoticed By The Internet |UPROXX| UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘Crossing Over’ With Animation Director Bryan Fordney |UPROXX| Important News: What Ben [...].

#Mad Men

Christina Hendricks Was Adorably Goth In These High School Yearbook Photos

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If you liked seeing the yearbook photos for <a href="">Louis C.K.</a> and <a href="">Nick Offerman</a> (Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation), feel free to treat yo self to three pictures of Christina Hendricks being an endearingly awkward alterna-chick in high school.

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