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Bristol Palin: ‘Hurrr, Don’t Be Me’

By 04.08.10

This is Bristol Palin’s PSA for the Candie’s Foundation in which she acknowledges that being a teenage mother is, like, difficult and unglamorous if your family isn’t wealthy and supportive. The tag line is “Pause before you play,” which is a euphemistic way of saying “Think before you f*ck,” I suppose.

I feel for Bristol. She was in a tough spot. Plenty of teenage girls sleep with dudes way dumber than Levi Johnston. In a way, she had it tougher: if you’re a pregnant teenage girl and your mother isn’t a conservative “pro-family” standard-bearer in a national election, you can totally get an abortion. Isn’t that right, Ashley? It’s either Planned Parenthood or the stairs, honey. Take your pick.



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