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By 07.14.10

“The Hills” aired its final episode last night, and it should go without saying that I’m happy that the insipid, insultingly stupid empty candy shell of a reality series about non-celebrities who became tabloid stars will never again air a new episode. However, to the show’s credit, it did end on a mildly intelligent note:

AsĀ Kristin Cavallari pulled away, off to Europe to “find” herself, pal and former flameĀ Brody Jenner stood on an empty LA street to watch her go. It was a bittersweet, emotional moment. But then the backdrop rolled away, the cameras panned out, and we saw that Jenner was now standing on a Hollywood lot, surrounded by crews, and that Cavallari’s car was parked just a few feet away. She got out, they hugged, and that was that. [NYDN]

Don’t get me wrong: I still hate everything about the show with every thread in the fabric of my black, black soul, but I think it was decent of the show’s producers to acknowledge that, yes, they really were making a scripted show without actors and passing it off as reality television. “But the awkward silences! The awkward silences seemed so real!”


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