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'Delocated' Is Officially Awesome

By 09.08.10

Adult Swim’s “Delocated” has slowly generated more and more buzz in comedy realms, and this is the photo that officially seals my admiration for the show: it’s series star Jon Glaser in a puppy suit for the episode “Dog Mayor.” Yes, that’s correct: I just wrote “puppy suit.” Call off the hunt, I’ve found my Halloween costume.

The 5 steps of puppy suit.  First put on the suit.

Second, add puppies.

Third, get to know puppies, so you can establish a loving, trust-filled bond before doing an intense scene together.

Fourth, shoot the scene with the puppies.

Fifth, take that hot f*cking thing off. [Delocated Blog]

Finally, a stylish suit that I can pair with my cat hat.

Full size pictures:


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