ABC Making 'Awkward Family Photos'

10.06.10 7 years ago 13 Comments

Following the disappointing results of “Bleep My Dad Says” and the news that CBS is also developing “Shh… Don’t Tell Steve” into a series, ABC has hopped on the Internet-to-TV bandwagon by choosing to develop Awkward Family Photos into a series. The Live Feed says…

Contractually, ABC’s show will be based upon the “Awkward Family Photos” book, though the print version and year-old Web site were both created by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack and contain the same content — funny, embarrassing and, yes, awkward family portraits that have been submitted by readers.

How the concept will translate to series TV is still unclear.

What could possibly be unclear about the website’s transition to TV series? I mean, Awkward Family Photos consists of individual family photos from a variety of time periods that provide a single-serving laugh with a sight gag. All it needs now is 22 minutes of dialog and narrative and characters.

My prediction: it’ll revolve around a photography studio that focuses on family shoots. Different awkward families every week = lots of opportunities for guest starring roles = we’ll be talking about this again come pilot season. It’s already better than “Bleep My Dad Says.”

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