CBS Making Another Twitter Sitcom

09.27.10 7 years ago 9 Comments

With “Bleep My Dad Says,” CBS took a hilarious and profane Twitter feed, scrubbed it clean, and turned it into a formulaic, watered-down sitcom with a miscast William Shatner. And now CBS is looking to improve on that formula the only way it knows how: by having Ashton Kutcher produce another Twitter-inspired sitcom.

Following on the successful launch of its Twitter-inspired comedy “$#*! My Dad Says” last week, CBS has made a script deal for “Shh … Don’t Tell Steve,” based on a Twitter feed by the same name.

The CBS version of “Don’t Tell Steve” is about man who deals with an immature roommate. Like “$#*! My Dad Says,” the Twitter feed’s premise is a guy who secretly Tweets the actions of somebody he lives with (in this case, his jobless, drunken roommate)… If “Don’t Tell Steve” makes it to air, it could serve as a possible companion series to “$#*! My Dad Says” — a sort of Must-Tweet TV. [The Live Feed]

Believe it or not, I actually hope this gets made. I’ve always wanted to know if Ashton Kutcher could make a bigger failure than “The Beautiful Life.”

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