Excellent 'Community' Remix 2.0

09.14.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

Anyone who’s been around these parts for a while will remember and premiere of Season 2 this fall (via TV.com).

The video is a helpful reminder that I really, REALLY like this show — and it’s not just because I’m gay for Joel McHale and want to violate Alison Brie in unimaginable and inventive new ways. With a polite nod in “Modern Family’s” direction, “Community” was the best new network comedy last season (and, I’d argue, the best network comedy, period): whip-smart writing, fantastic use of a well-balanced and talented ensemble cast, and the self-awareness to acknowledge sitcom tropes even as the show dodges them.

Of course, you’re welcome to disagree. You are also welcome to step in front of an approaching subway train.

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