02.13.09 9 years ago

I haven’t been keeping up to date on my stories recently, but apparently Reese and Bianca began their big gay lesbian wedding in today’s episode of “All My Children.”   LIVE says:

Fans of the ABC soap will be treated to the much ballyhooed, touching and tear-filled Valentine’s Day nuptials between Reese (Tamara Braun) and Bianca (Eden Riegel), daughter of Erica Kane (Susan Lucci, duh), beginning with tomorrow’s episode. The festivities are expected to continue into next week.

Wedding ceremomies take 10 minutes, but festivities will continue into next week because soap operas are required to move at a glacial pace.  “Do you, Reese, take Bianca to be your wife?” **cut to Reese’s face** **cut to hospital scene** **cut to betrayal scene** **commercials** Reese: “I do.”

Oh, and two attractive lesbians?  Together?  Yeah, sure, whatever.

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