Oh, Poor Hulk Hogan

06.08.10 7 years ago 13 Comments

Every time I see Hulk Hogan in the news — like, say, when he’s suing Cocoa Pebbles — I can’t help but think of the infamous Rolling Stone article in which he detailed the toll steroids took on his body and the crippling alimony payments he owes his ex-wife after their acrimonious divorce. So when I see the Hulkster in a commercial for Debt Help Center USA, it just makes me sad. I always picture him crying alone in his car before going into a studio to shoot this.

And yes, the commercial ends with him tearing off his shirt to reveal another shirt, not unlike the Internet’s beloved David Caruso “CSI: Miami” cartoon. Poor Hulk. I wish the WWE had a better retirement plan. They should really unionize — something like “Heels and Faces Local 243.”

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