Saved by the Bell’s Oil Spill Episode

06.11.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

The BP oil spill continues to be super-depressing, so Internet/pop culture geeks showed their support for the cleanup the only way they know how: by expressing themselves through memories of “Saved by the Bell.” That’s right, back in 1991, Bayside High struck black gold under their football field, making the school rich — RICH, I TELLS YA! — until an oil spill killed Mr. Quackers or whatever they had named their pet duck (a plot line that would be echoed — and done better — by “The Simpsons” four years later in the “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” episodes. Example: the headline “AWFUL SCHOOL AWFUL RICH”).

BuzzFeed has a list of 12 things learned from the oil spill episode (official name: “Pipe Dreams”), and there’s also the mash-up video below, a combination of “Pipe Dreams” and There Will Be Blood called “There Will Be Bell.” It’s okay, I guess, but I’d like it better if Screech got beaten to death with a bowling pin.

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