Watch Cobie Smulders’ Long, Awkward Sex Scene From A Little Seen 2005 Movie

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Cobie Smulders’ acting career didn’t really get started until a few years before she became a lead in How I Met Your Mother. She was in a couple of failed TV shows, and had a recurring role on Showtime’s The L Word. Apparently, she also had options before she signed on to How I Met Your Mother. She turned down two other roles to take on that of Robin Scherbatsky. “I would’ve been so pissed off if I had gone the other way, don’t you think?” she told Fashion Magazine.

In 2005, the same year she began her work on How I Met Your Mother, she was also in a little seen independent film, The Long Weekend. The movie starred Chris Klein (American Pie) and it basically went straight to DVD. In fact, I’m sure less than 500 people have ever seen the movie in its entirety. However, significantly more have seen the Cobie Smulders’ long, awkward not that sexy sex scene with Brandon Fehr.

It is safe for work? Well, there’s no nudity, but it’s still not something you’d want to be watching with your boss looking over your shoulder.

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