08.29.09 8 years ago 23 Comments

As soon as I saw Contra™ mention the ever-lurking shadow of Big Brother, the following post was justified.

Last week, after another mundane workday was happily placed under black leather, I walked into my house to find my roommate concluding what he later claimed to be, “the craziest thing he’d ever seen.” After asking the obvious, I was enlightened to a documentary entitled Zeitgeist : The Movie.

Aside from saying it changed my overall outlook on the world in a little over two hours, I won’t explain what it’s specifically about. If I did, I’d end up sounding like the cooky old skitzo picketing outside city hall, mumbling and misrepresenting everything this well-done documentary explains thoroughly.

Instead, I’ve embedded it for ease, and all I ask is that you set aside some quality time and watch with an open mind.

It might just fuck you up.

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