Paradise Lost…

07.30.08 9 years ago 35 Comments

Not too long ago, I took a short jaunt to the casino. Real spur of the moment idea on a slow weekend. With new music lined up, a fresh from the UPS truck pair of shoes on my feet & a few quarters to burn, it seemed like a good idea.

I ain’t win shit.

Truthfully, that’s okay because I had fun & with my tendencies towards the extreme, I had to go in the door with a limit in mind for what amounts would equal success & which amounts would easily turn “I lost but that was fun” into “goddamn…what we gone eat next week?”

So after doing half of my meager limit on the tables & the $1 dollar slots, I killed time @ the end of the night on the 5¢ machine. No shame in my game. The people I went with were coastin’ on financial fumes too so we were having an a-okay time people-watching, drinking cheap beer & crankin’ the arm lever of the slot machine.

And that’s when I realized something.

We’re damn near zombies with this cpu shit.

The thought occurred to me while sitting in that packed room looking @ all those people of varying shapes & sizes, all staring @ their respective slots. Lights & sounds blaring from every conceivable direction, I imagined that would be all of us loyal denizens of the net, watching & clicking our collective mice, downloading & listening and all in the same room. Sure, we do so individually but imagine us all…there in a room…together.

And I don’t like ya’ll that much.

I’m one of those people who’s 101% happier when I’m completely alone, immersed in solitude.

Nothing personal against any of you but I can just imagine all of the ruckus & commotion that would be swirling around that room. Contraâ„¢ & Flea would always be looking over @ my screen, seeing what I’m doing. TC, LC & Teef would be the one’s chattering away to anyone sitting near them. Then, there’s always bound to be one person that reeks of corn chips or doing something disgusting (most likely Turk lol). And dear God, Greums. I don’t know which character Greums would be but the possibilities are endless & frightening.

So, it’s with that in mind that I, Gottyâ„¢, will be taking a few days off beginning officially on Friday…but prolly trickling over into Thursday as well. I think I’ll steal away to some remote locations with no mosquitoes & where the drinks come with little fruity umbrellas.

TC, LC & Contraâ„¢, aka String, Snoop & Chris, will effectively be running the show & they’ve got some doozies planned.

So enjoy…as I enjoy a few days.

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