James Comey Will Make His First Late-Night Talk Show Appearance With Stephen Colbert On ‘The Late Show’

Just days after his first sit down interview with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America April 15, former FBI Director James Comey — also known as Reinhold Niebuhr — will make his late-night chat debut with Stephen Colbert. The Late Show host was quite surprised and giddy at the news when he shared it on his show ahead of Oprah’s arrival for her interview.

Both appearances come as part of the promotion for Comey’s book A Higher Loyalty, which will also be released on April 17th ahead of the Colbert interview. And while the Stephanopoulos interviewed is being promoted as “nothing off limits” according to Variety, you’d have to think the appearance on The Late Show will be far more hard-hitting than whatever ABC News can throw at him. Plus, you can’t forget we’re talking about James Comey. He’s not exactly Mr. Excitement and he’s got a long FBI career under his belt. The guy can probably handle any type of questioning.

That’s why we can hope that Colbert will just throw him for a loop and ask him about his favorite New Kid, if Frasier is better than Seinfeld, and if he thinks he could outrun a bear. Just a bunch of curveballs to throw him off balance before whipping a fastball right in and finding out the pee pee tape is real.

(VIa The Late Show / Variety)