10 Average NBA Players That Are Actually Unstoppable In NBA 2K14

In recent years, the NBA 2K series has become the mecca of sports competition gaming–damaging friendships one Kevin Durant game-winner at a time. For me, it’s the ultimate source of competition in my college apartment. Much like there is a “zone” in real life basketball that players get into, there’s a certain “zone” one can enter during a game of 2K, when all of those pull-up transition threes are dropping and every bounce seems to go your way.

My personal favorite thing to do in 2K14 is take a player like Gordon Hayward or Giannis Antetokounmpo and drop 40-plus with them against my roommate. Nothing like introducing a friend to a player they’ve never heard of by dropping jumper after jumper as the stat sheet fills up. I may be a little biased, because I have the unique ability to take players like Jimmer Fredette and Gordon Hayward and score 40-points with ease. Regardless, all these players are unstoppable in their own sense and in the right hands.

This is a list where the dark horses of the game get some time to shine. Plus, I had to take account the astronomical amount of injuries that have taken stars like Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose and Chris Paul off of online rosters. The injuries make you really search through rosters and find the hidden gems–well we did that for you here. You might read some of the names on this list and dismiss them at first, but if you have ANY experience with 2K, you know the virtual hardwood is a different world than the real hardwood. Shots that never fall in real life, fall with regularity in 2K14. If you feel like dissing any of my selections, throw in 2K and try them out. If you fail, find me on Twitter and I’ll prove how unstoppable these characters are. 2K, just like the real sport, is one of the most unpredictable games that has ever existed.

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For example, I was up by four points against a friend the other night (he was the Rockets, I was the Kings), with less than 30 seconds to play. Using my basketball expertise, I decided to hit the button for an intentional foul, so I could prevent the three-point shot and only give him the opportunity to hit two free throws. Keep in mind, this game is essentially over if we play the free throw game. Much to my chagrin, my friend dribbled the ball up the court and as my player ran to intentionally foul him, Aaron Brooks rises up for a three. As the basketball gods would have it, he was fouled while shooting and nailed the three, of course. I wound up winning the game in overtime, but still, that’s an example of the ridiculous things I can prognosticate that will happen to you at some time.

Without further adieu, here are the top 10 average players who are unstoppable players in 2K14.

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10. Dwight Buycks
Wait, who is this? That’s the same question I asked when Dwight Buycks checked into a 2K game for Kyle Lowry. I immediately went to my sub screen and subbed Lowry back in, but Buycks was already in and I decided to give him some burn. I play 2K just like the Houston Rockets play offense, a healthy dosage of threes and everything else is being taken to the rim. So, naturally, when I saw that Buycks had a three-point sign next to his name, I fired one up. BANG. Oh, I like this. Next possession, I rise up with Buycks. BANG. I couldn’t explain it, I mean Buycks is only averaging 3.4 points this season, shooting 33 percent from deep.

This was quite the surprise to me, I expected to dominate with Lowry and Terrence Ross since DeMar DeRozan was still off rosters due to injury. I wanted to play with Lowry, especially because of his All-Star snub, but I found myself subbing Buycks back in at every opportunity I had, trying to drain some more threes. He can put threes down in an insanely fast rate–my mouth dropped every time one dropped. If you ever find yourself using the Raptors, give Dwight Buycks a test run, you might be surprised with how it turns out.

9. Evan Fournier
As a collective unit, the Denver Nuggets are fun as hell to play with in 2K14. There isn’t a defined superstar–just a collective bunch of average, to above average players that play really well together. This make it fun in 2K14 to explore the roster and find some of the hidden gems. Hidden amongst this bunch of players is Evan Fournier, a little known shooting guard from France. He’s only playing 15.6 minutes per game this season, scoring 6.5 points, but you can play him as much as you want in 2K14. With the injury to Nate Robinson, Evan Fournier might be in order for some more playing time, both in real life and in 2K14.

In 2K14, Evan Fournier has a smooth jumper that falls with ease. It also helps that his jumper is one of the easiest to master in the game. With a collection of guys that are all capable of scoring, Evan Fournier can easily be forgotten. Just leave him on the perimeter as the defender keys in on someone else and continue to let the threes rain on down.

8. Thabo Sefolosha
I’m just going to come out and admit that I don’t understand why Thabo Sefolosha is so overrated in 2K14. Seven years into his career, most of us know what Sefolosha can contribute. His defense is Seattle Seahawks worthy, he can splash in the occasional three, and will do all the little things on the court. He’s the ultimate Swiss army knife and fits perfectly in the mold of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

However, in 2K14, Sefolosha plays like the sharpest Swiss army knife ever forged. I understand he shot 42 percent from deep last year, but he’s only shooting 33 percent this season and shoots 35 percent for his career. In previous 2K versions, he was pretty worthless on the court–he couldn’t even knock down wide open jumpers. Now, he can knock down everything from deep. In 2K14, he’s capable of doing things that he would never do in real life, which is exactly why he lands himself on this list. Don’t get me wrong, Thabo Sefolosha is a valuable player to any organization, but the way he plays in 2K14 is just unfair sometimes.

7. Aaron Brooks
When Aaron Brooks played over 35 minutes per game during the 2009-2010 season with the Rockets, the NBA world saw how special he could be. Brooks averaged 19.6 points that season, shooting 40 percent from deep. Ever since then, he hasn’t been able to receive the minutes to have a productive season like that. Apparently, the 2K producers have rewarded him with a lifetime supply of 2K skill after his one breakout season. Once again, Aaron Brooks has some hefty 2K skills, even though he hasn’t warranted them for a few years.

The most unstoppable thing about Brooks in 2K14 is his jump shot from deep. Having to worry about James Harden and Dwight Howard is enough, but Aaron Brooks banging threes like they’re layups is just unfair. Whenever I see Brooks raise up from deep, I just add three points before the shot leaves his hands. He range extends pretty deep too. Aaron Brook’s long-range shooting leaves him the ability to erase a 10-point lead in the matter of a few jumpers in 2K14.

6. Giannis Antetokounmpo
This was the last name you thought would be on this list. Because who actually plays with the Bucks, right? Well no one, to be honest. But, Giannis Antetokounmpo is a reason to at least give them a shot. Antetokounmpo is rated a 62 and can still put up 40-plus performances in 2K14. Giannis Antetokounmpo (I can proudly spell this without Google), is quickly becoming one of the most talked about players in the NBA, earning the “Greek Freak” moniker. I’m becoming quite obsessed with Giannis, which gives me all the reason to use him at will in 2K14. The other day in my Association Mode, I quickly scrolled to the free agent list and surprisingly found the name Giannis Antetokounmpo available. After quickly signing him to a one-year deal (with a player option of course), I gave him heavy minutes on my fantasy team in a Western Conference Semifinals Game 7, where my team was the eighth seed. Antetokounmpo led my team to a Western Conference Finals birth with a 34-point performance.

His rating is only a 62, but don’t let that fool you. After dropping 40 with him against a friend the other night, my friend started calling him “Kobe like” for the way Antetokounmpo would glide to the bucket and finish through the contact. In 2K14, Giannis does have a decent three-point shot and if an opponent is sagging off from deep, make sure to let it fly and make him pay. However, Antetokounmpo is most effective in 2K14 when he is being used in transition. His length and athleticism makes him deadly at finishing at the rim and with that being said, he gets a decent amount of fouls called on him when driving to the bucket. All you need is a split second of open space to the rim and Giannis can explode to the rim. For all the hype that Giannis Antetokounmpo is garnering on the real hardwood, you’ll see why he can be worth some hype in 2K14 too. Nothing like dropping 40 on a friend with a player that they can’t even pronounce.

5. Gerald Green
Just putting the words “Gerald Green NBA 2K14” into YouTube and you will find a bunch of people that have also found out one of the secrets. That secret? Well, Gerald Green is REALLY good in this game. He’s having a breakout season for the breakout Phoenix Suns, averaging 13.9 points this season. Ever since the Eric Bledsoe injury, the Phoenix Suns don’t appear as a popular team to play with in 2K14. Let me tell you something, disregard that notion. The Suns play in 2K14, just like in real life, explosive and fun. Gerald Green is one of these reasons.

On the fast break, just find Green and throw an oop to him, he’ll power it down with authority. You don’t even have to be on a fast break to see the dunking power that Green has. Find some open space in the lane and he’ll probably rise up over whatever amount of defense is in his way for a killer slam. Besides his crazy athleticism, his three-point shot seems to fall more than it should. He’s stroking it at 38 percent for the season, but his 2K ability would warrant one to believe that he’s shooting 48 percent this season. Gerald Green’s 2K abilities virtually unleash all the attributes he brings to a basketball court in the best way possible.

4. Tim Hardaway Jr.
Tim Hardaway Jr. is having a great rookie season, averaging 9.2 points on 46 percent from the field and 41 percent from deep. He’s in the running for ROY, although he won’t win it, but he is definitely the ROY in 2K14 standards. I don’t use the Knicks often, particularly because Carmelo Anthony is a cheat code every year in 2K. However, one time I decided to use them but I wanted to win without scoring with ‘Melo at all. It’s always fun to take a team with a superstar and beat someone while the superstar sits with zero points. THJ wound up leading my team to victory in this game, with 38 points. I’m not sure what 2K saw in THJ, but it sure could be a glimpse into the future for the young stud.

In 2K14, Tim Hardaway Jr. has the ability to affect the game in a multitude of different areas. His jumper from deep is lethal and once he gets hot, there’s no stopping it. The best thing is that when playing with the Knicks, no matter how many points ‘Melo has, opponents will always key in on him. Sit at the top of the key with ‘Melo and wait for the opponent to sag off of THJ and let it fly. In 2K14, Hardaway also has a knack for finishing some acrobatic layups. He can drive to the dish with three people in the way and still find a way to get the ball to the bottom of the bucket. THJ is definitely a reason why I would run with the Knicks more often in 2K14.

3. Gordon Hayward
Gordon Hayward is not a bad player by any means, which holds true when you see his 16.7 points, 5.4 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game this season. He’s only shooting 41 percent from the floor and 32 percent from deep, which are both career worsts, but these percentages don’t apply in 2K14. In this year’s version of the game, Hayward plays like the ultimate Swiss army knife, in the sense that he can do everything. I know the Jazz are probably the most unappealing team in the history of 2K14, but Gordon Hayward is worth giving them a spin. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than going off for 40 with Hayward and beating a friend with one of the worst teams in the game. He’ll probably feel disrespected afterwards.

The video below just shows the stuff that Hayward can get away with. Just take the pro stick for a spin and throw up a crazy shot–it might go in. He’s not the fastest or quickest in the game, but his offensive repertoire is impressive. He can make threes, he can take it to the rim, he’s decent in the post and his midrange jumper is unstoppable. Gordon Hayward is a huge reason why the Jazz can actually be considered a fun team to toy around with in 2K14.

2. Jimmer Fredette
Everyone remembers Jimmermania from Fredette’s college days at BYU. Jimmer propelled his newfound stardom into a No. 10 overall draft selection by the Sacramento Kings in the 2011 NBA Draft. Now, Jimmer can be found riding the pine on the Kings bench, playing a career-low 11.3 minutes per game this season. Fredette’s minutes have dropped every season since his rookie season and there’s no indication that anything will be changing anytime soon. Luckily, we can all insert him into our starting lineups in 2K14 when using the Kings and never take him off the court. By the way, I recommend you do this if you haven’t already. Combine Isaiah Thomas at point guard with Jimmer Fredette at the two, Ben McLemore at the three, Rudy Gay at the four and Boogie Cousins at the five. This lineup is one of the most underrated and lethal in 2K14.

But back to Jimmer.

Apparently the developers at 2K decided to package all the long-range shooting prowess that Jimmer developed at BYU and put it into his virtual hardwood arsenal. This dude is no joke from deep in 2K14. His jumper is easy to master and only requires a millisecond of space to let one fly. Remember the term “Jimmer Range” from his BYU days? That also traveled over to 2K14. Don’t be afraid to let shots rain from all over the court with Jimmer. Plus, once you nail a few threes at the beginning of the game, opponents will start jumping at every pump-fake, making it even easier to load up the scoring sheet with Fredette. Don’t be afraid to take opponents off the dribble with Fredette–he can make some crazy layups in 2K14 and has a knack for creating contact. Just the other night, I went off for 38 points with Fredette, with 28 of them coming in the first half. As I glided to victory against my roommate, I had him proclaiming that Jimmer must be the “Michael Jordan of 2K“. Once you take Jimmer Fredette for a few spins in 2K14, you’ll have a hard time arguing with this assertion too.

1. Bradley Beal
When I first got my hands on the Washington Wizards in 2K14, I assumed that abusing John Wall‘s electric speed would be the most enjoyable part of the game. However, all it took was one contested Bradley Beal three-pointer to fall through the net in the first quarter for me to rethink my gameplan. Apparently, Bradley Beal was a problem in 2K13, as you can tell from the video below. Once that deep bomb from Beal dropped in, I decided to pay more attention to Beal throughout the contest. So, the next possession, I exploded up the court with Wall and dished it to Beal on the wing. Result? Buckets. Much of the game would go just like that, as I finished the game with 59 points just with Bradley Beal alone.

The pinnacle of fun in 2K is finding players to rain threes with all game, as your opponent cringes at every jumper that leaves his hands. It’s easy to score 60 points with someone like Kevin Durant or LeBron James in 2K, but to do it with Bradley Beal is impressive. I’ve started many games in 2K14 with the Wizards with a 12-0 lead, just on four Bradley Beal three-point bombs. Every time you release the X button (I’m an Xbox guy) on a Beal jumper, it feels like it’s going to go in. Bradley Beal is a legitimate ball player in real life, averaging 17.0 points per game this season on 43 percent shooting from deep. In 2K14, Beal is a nightmare–consider him Jesus Shuttlesworth in his prime.

Which bad real life players are impossible to stop on the sticks?

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