10 Average NBA Players That Are Actually Unstoppable In NBA 2K14

02.04.14 5 years ago 27 Comments
In recent years, the NBA 2K series has become the mecca of sports competition gaming–damaging friendships one Kevin Durant game-winner at a time. For me, it’s the ultimate source of competition in my college apartment. Much like there is a “zone” in real life basketball that players get into, there’s a certain “zone” one can enter during a game of 2K, when all of those pull-up transition threes are dropping and every bounce seems to go your way.

My personal favorite thing to do in 2K14 is take a player like Gordon Hayward or Giannis Antetokounmpo and drop 40-plus with them against my roommate. Nothing like introducing a friend to a player they’ve never heard of by dropping jumper after jumper as the stat sheet fills up. I may be a little biased, because I have the unique ability to take players like Jimmer Fredette and Gordon Hayward and score 40-points with ease. Regardless, all these players are unstoppable in their own sense and in the right hands.

This is a list where the dark horses of the game get some time to shine. Plus, I had to take account the astronomical amount of injuries that have taken stars like Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose and Chris Paul off of online rosters. The injuries make you really search through rosters and find the hidden gems–well we did that for you here. You might read some of the names on this list and dismiss them at first, but if you have ANY experience with 2K, you know the virtual hardwood is a different world than the real hardwood. Shots that never fall in real life, fall with regularity in 2K14. If you feel like dissing any of my selections, throw in 2K and try them out. If you fail, find me on Twitter and I’ll prove how unstoppable these characters are. 2K, just like the real sport, is one of the most unpredictable games that has ever existed.

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For example, I was up by four points against a friend the other night (he was the Rockets, I was the Kings), with less than 30 seconds to play. Using my basketball expertise, I decided to hit the button for an intentional foul, so I could prevent the three-point shot and only give him the opportunity to hit two free throws. Keep in mind, this game is essentially over if we play the free throw game. Much to my chagrin, my friend dribbled the ball up the court and as my player ran to intentionally foul him, Aaron Brooks rises up for a three. As the basketball gods would have it, he was fouled while shooting and nailed the three, of course. I wound up winning the game in overtime, but still, that’s an example of the ridiculous things I can prognosticate that will happen to you at some time.

Without further adieu, here are the top 10 average players who are unstoppable players in 2K14.

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10. Dwight Buycks
Wait, who is this? That’s the same question I asked when Dwight Buycks checked into a 2K game for Kyle Lowry. I immediately went to my sub screen and subbed Lowry back in, but Buycks was already in and I decided to give him some burn. I play 2K just like the Houston Rockets play offense, a healthy dosage of threes and everything else is being taken to the rim. So, naturally, when I saw that Buycks had a three-point sign next to his name, I fired one up. BANG. Oh, I like this. Next possession, I rise up with Buycks. BANG. I couldn’t explain it, I mean Buycks is only averaging 3.4 points this season, shooting 33 percent from deep.

This was quite the surprise to me, I expected to dominate with Lowry and Terrence Ross since DeMar DeRozan was still off rosters due to injury. I wanted to play with Lowry, especially because of his All-Star snub, but I found myself subbing Buycks back in at every opportunity I had, trying to drain some more threes. He can put threes down in an insanely fast rate–my mouth dropped every time one dropped. If you ever find yourself using the Raptors, give Dwight Buycks a test run, you might be surprised with how it turns out.

9. Evan Fournier
As a collective unit, the Denver Nuggets are fun as hell to play with in 2K14. There isn’t a defined superstar–just a collective bunch of average, to above average players that play really well together. This make it fun in 2K14 to explore the roster and find some of the hidden gems. Hidden amongst this bunch of players is Evan Fournier, a little known shooting guard from France. He’s only playing 15.6 minutes per game this season, scoring 6.5 points, but you can play him as much as you want in 2K14. With the injury to Nate Robinson, Evan Fournier might be in order for some more playing time, both in real life and in 2K14.

In 2K14, Evan Fournier has a smooth jumper that falls with ease. It also helps that his jumper is one of the easiest to master in the game. With a collection of guys that are all capable of scoring, Evan Fournier can easily be forgotten. Just leave him on the perimeter as the defender keys in on someone else and continue to let the threes rain on down.

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