Aaron Gordon Won A Trophy On ‘Ellen’ For Some More Jaw-Dropping Dunks

03.10.16 2 years ago

Aaron Gordon is still riding high from his incredible performance at this year’s NBA Dunk Contest, and on Thursday, he had the chance to show off his talents to a whole new demographic: middle-aged women and waiting rooms.

Gordon was a guest on Ellen and after a brief chat, the Orlando Magic star performed some of his more outstanding dunks in front of DeGeneres and her studio audience. While none of the dunks Gordon did on the show match what he did on that magical night in Toronto, they’re still highly impressive in their own right, and they were made even more difficult due to the fact that he was donning street clothes.

After a brief chat, Gordon started off with a standard (at least for him anyway) reverse dunk, and even that had Ellen making this face.

Ellen face

The Ellen Show

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