A Pair Of Original Jordan 1s Recently Sold For A Record Price

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Few sneakers have had as big of a cultural impact as the Jordan I. Released back in 1984, the 1s launched a sneaker empire, making Jordan one of the biggest sneaker brands on earth and even gaining some amount of notoriety because their red and black colorway were banned by then-commissioner David Stern, inspiring this commercial.

Jordan is still churning out 1s to this day, to the point that they’re fixtures at stores that sell sneakers. And when a special pair drops on SNKRS, you can usually bet that they’ll sell out sooner rather than later. Still, while 1s are always available, none are quite like the original pairs, to the point that when 1s from their release 1985 went on the market, they sold for a record price.

According to Darren Rovell of the Action Network, the original red and white 1s were put onto eBay by ShoeZum. When the bidding subsided, the pair sold for $10,099, which is a record for a pair of 1s.

Getting a new pair of sneakers is generally a pretty exhilarating feeling, but getting a pair of original 1s must be some next level stuff, even if dropping the amount of coin that people spend on used cars is a bit steep for my liking.