Allen Iverson Refused To Lift Weights During His Playing Days Because ‘That Sh*t Was Too Heavy’

Allen Iverson is widely regarded as one of the toughest players to ever set foot on an NBA court. At just 6-feet tall and about 165 pounds soaking wet, The Answer was infamous for sacrificing his body and hurtling himself at the rim against defenders twice his size. Not only that, he was a wizard at drawing contact and still being able to finish at the rim anyway.

Now, a new revelation threatens to make his style of play all the more astonishing. Iverson was in the building at Wells Fargo Arena on Friday night during the Sixers’ game against the Lakers so that the organization could honor his Hall of Fame induction last summer.

Dr. J presented him his HOF jacket during a special halftime ceremony, and prior to that he spoke to various media personnel. As usual, he had some wonderfully-candid things to say. The most entertaining, by far, was the rationale he gave for not lifting weights during playing days.

We already knew he wasn’t a big fan of practice, but if this statement is true, it’s utterly remarkable. Iverson was an athletic freak, but being able to rely solely on his god-given physical attributes without the aid of weight training is something else entirely. If only we could all be so blessed.