Andre Drummond On Teaming Up With Joel Embiid: ‘For Me There Was Never Any Real Beef’

The Philadelphia 76ers made a very funny signing on Tuesday when they brought Andre Drummond in on a minimum deal. It’s not funny from a basketball perspective — Drummond has a chance to help the Sixers solve their years-long issue of things falling off a cliff when Joel Embiid is on the bench.

Instead, it’s a move that caught people off guard because Drummond and Embiid have had some pretty well-documented run-ins over the years, with Embiid seeming to take more joy in clowning Drummond on and off the floor than any other player in the league. But on Thursday, Drummond made clear that he harbors no ill will towards his new teammate, and that he never viewed anything with Embiid as the two beefing.

Drummond went on to say that he’s excited about the opportunity to suit up alongside the MVP candidate the Sixers boast in their frountcourt.

Again, from a basketball perspective, Drummond has the potential to fill a gigantic hole in Philadelphia. For years, the team has struggled to consistently do much of anything when Embiid isn’t playing, and Drummond, for all of his flaws, should be able to give the Sixers someone who can score and rebound in those circumstances. But still, hopefully we get some insight into the kind of trash talk the two exchange during practice, just to make sure the things Drummond says here are true.