Anthony Davis And Antonio Brown Will Join LeBron On The Next Episode Of ‘The Shop’


LeBron James is locking in to playoff mode early this year, as he’s needing to drag the Lakers out of the 10th spot in the Western Conference, but he’s also still got a lot of things he’s working on off the court as well.

Among those outside projects is “The Shop,” his HBO show in which he sits down in the barbershop with other athletes and celebrities for wide ranging conversations about far more than just sports. His upcoming guests on the show are going to be very interesting and will raise some eyebrows (or, in one case, a singular Brow) when it airs on March 1.

Anthony Davis and Antonio Brown, who have each made high-profile trade requests recently, will join LeBron, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Jamie Foxx, and Jerrod Carmichael on the new episode. Davis, of course, is represented by Rich Paul and his camp has made it clear he wants to join LeBron on the Lakers, although Davis himself had less of a hard line stance when asked about teams he’d consider re-signing with at All-Star.

Davis joining LeBron on his show will only fuel discussion over his efforts at joining the Lakers and who is behind his request, but what he says on the show will be especially interesting. Davis has not divulged much in the way of his own desires since the request was made and we’ll see if he’s willing to open up more in “The Shop” setting.

As for Brown, he’s not been shy about making his feelings about the Steelers known as he tries to get out of Pittsburgh, and you can bet he’ll have more interesting commentary on that situation. The episode will air at 10:30 p.m. ET on 3/1 on HBO.