The Hawks Will Pay For The Wedding Of A Couple Who Met At A Team Tinder Event

02.14.18 1 year ago

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We were all so young back in the heady days of 2015, when love seemed to blossom out of thin air and life was an endless string of potential meet cutes. Even the Atlanta Hawks got in on the act, hosting a Tinder night where you could watch Paul Milsap and Al Horford lead the Hawks on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Things are different now. The Hawks are bereft, their fans left warning other teams’ fans about the perils of believing in much of anything. Each day ushers in a world further consumed by fire, and we’re all dragging our ever-heavier husks through the cold months of 2018 just trying to get to a tomorrow that might be a bit darker than the one before it.

But the Hawks still want to prove that love is real and possible, and they’re ready to shine a light in this weary world thanks to that Tinder event they held years ago. As it turns out, a couple that met at the event in 2015 stuck it out and are even getting married, and the Hawks are not only hosting the wedding, they’re paying for the whole shebang.

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