A Basketball Player Literally Got His Eye Poked Out On The Court And It’s As Bad As That Sounds

01.26.17 1 year ago

Sky Sport

Akil Mitchell of the New Zealand Breakers in the National Basketball League in Australia suffered one of the most gruesome and horrific injuries you can imagine on a basketball court.

It wasn’t a knee injury or broken bone, but something even more terrifying as he had his eye literally poked out of its socket. Fair warning that the video below, while only showing a brief second of the aftermath, is still quite awful and may make you never want to play basketball or do anything near anyone else’s hands ever again.

Mitchell was treated on the court and then taken directly to the hospital, but if there is good news in all this it’s that the initial reports are positive for him to make a recovery and he was released from the hospital with relatively minor damage to his eye.

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