Ballin’ Out In The BALL’N All Out

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For my first experience hooping on the streets of New York City, I knew I had to come in style. So when the rest of the Dime crew and I headed to Tribeca’s Nelson A. Rockefeller Park, I decided it was time to bust out some fresh kicks.

But instead of rocking a pair of the new adidas adiZero Crazy Lights or Nike Zoom KD IIIs, I decided to try something new and laced up a pair of the BALL’N All Outs.

Let me start by saying that the All Outs are not your typical shoe. For one, there are hundreds of tiny holes and an unusual grey-on-grey colorway. But it’s what is inside the shoe that stands out the most.

Like all of the shoes from BALL’N, the All Outs are made with d3o technology. In order to avoid going all Bill Nye the Science Guy on you, let me summarize: d3o is a free-flowing gel inside the shoe that hardens on impact to absorb shock. If you don’t believe me, peep this video of BALL’N founder Rodney Jeter slamming his finger with a hammer:

So with the All Outs laced up and ready to go, Team Dime took the court together for the first time against a group of high school kids so annoying they made Jar Jar Binks look like a fun guy to chill with.

Things got off to a slow start as the high schoolers jumped out to an early 7-3 lead thanks to strong post play from the tall kid who ended every sentence with “yo.” Not a good start, yo. Team Dime made a late run, but the high schoolers finished the job.

While my jumper, lungs and pride all took a hit after game one, my feet felt surprisingly good. The All Outs gripped the pavement well, allowing me to change direction with ease. Most impressive, though, was their shock-absorbing ability. While most of my outdoor playing experiences end in my shins feeling like they are splintering into a thousand pieces, the d3o must have been doing work because my legs felt fresh.

Refocused after the initial setback, Team Dime returned to the court again and managed to reel off three straight victories, including a gratifying win over the pesky teens.

BALL’N may not have flashiest kicks or players hawking their shoes (Ron Artest is the lone NBA player signed to an endorsement deal), but the company has its focus in the right place: providing a comfortable shoe to play in.

“We’re just trying to carve out our own little niche,” Jeter told DimeTV. “The great brands out there – Nike, adidas, Reebok – we’re not in those guys’ ballpark. We’re just trying to do our little small thing, find our little niche. Just add something new to the shoe game.”

So if you’re more concerned with how your feet feel than how they look, try giving BALL’N a shot.

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