Bam Adebayo Will Donate A Full Year’s Rent To A Struggling Family In Miami

It’s been quite a year for Bam Adebayo. The up-and-coming 23-year-old blossomed into a full-fledged star last season with the Heat, helping lead Miami to stunning Finals run in the Bubble as they managed to topple the other Eastern Conference contenders who many picked to finish ahead of them.

He made his first All-Star team last season as well, gaining well-earned recognition for his well-rounded game and his part in transforming the Heat back into true title contenders. Adebayo also earned handsome compensation from the Heat in the form of a five-year, $163 million contract extension.

And now it appears he’s putting some of his money toward noble altruistic purposes. In true holiday spirit, Adebayo has pledged to pay a full year worth of rent to a local family that has been struggling to make ends meet after a car accident and was facing eviction.

Via Adam Caparell of Complex Sports:

Adebayo showed up to the house of Travillia Bogan, a single mother of two sets of twins on the verge of facing eviction, and presented her with a year’s worth of rent. A week before Christmas, it’s the best present Adebayo has ever had the privilege of giving.

“It’s gotta be No. 1,” Adebayo told Complex exclusively. “Just helping somebody like that, in that situation, and all the negative situations that’s happened to her the last couple of months, that’s definitely top of my list.”

Beyond the rent money, Adebayo has also promised to pay to maintain the property over the next year. And this isn’t his first foray into giving. Adebayo’s foundation, BBB (BAM, Books, and Brotherhood), is in charge of a number of charitable endeavors in his community each year. For a player who is just beginning to shine on the court, his generosity of spirit is burning even brighter.

(Via Complex Sports)