Ben Simmons Broke A Bone In His Foot, And Basketball Twitter Collectively Groaned In Unison

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No. 1 overall pick Ben Simmons suffered a broken bone in his foot and fans of the Philadelphia 76ers and the NBA as a whole were not pleased. In fact, various members of Basketball Twitter weighed in on the news in the immediate aftermath and, somewhat predictably, the reactions were very similar.

Beyond that, the widespread panic of the injury itself always made way for fears that Simmons’ foot ailment could be a Jones fracture in a similar fashion to the one that afflicted Kevin Durant.

In addition, word quickly spread to current NBA players, including veteran point guard Jarrett Jack, who owns the reputation of a player many in the league love and respect.

Even fellow No. 1 pick and reigning Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns passed along good wishes.

At this point, the news has moved from “reported” to official when it comes to Simmons and his injury status, and the next level will be deciphering a legitimate timeframe for his return. The Philadelphia 76ers have been largely cursed with injury issues in the recent past, most notably with big man Joel Embiid, but hopefully in this case, the organization will gain an unexpected reprieve in that Simmons’ injury will be less severe than doomsday purveyors are suggesting.