The 25 Best NBA Players To Follow On Instagram

Social media is one of the newest phenomena of the twenty-first century. It seems no matter who you are, or where you go, people have some combination of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts (most have all three). The NBA and its players are no different. Social media has been adopted by both the league itself, and many of the players within. We at DIME took a look through Instagram profiles and compiled a list of the 25 best NBA players to follow.

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25. Carmelo Anthony (@carmeloanthony)

Carmelo Anthony is one of the biggest profile athletes in, not just the NBA, but sports as a whole. His Instagram isn’t on par with other athletes, but whether he is posting his “Watch of the Day” or family pictures with the beautiful wife, Lala Anthony, it’s definitely worth perusing his page.

24. Jared Sullinger (@Jared_Sully0)

Jared Sullinger’s rookie season got off to hot start before back issues sidelined him. His time off allowed him to become even more equipped with Instagram. A member of Team Jordan, Sullinger isn’t shy in showing off his newest shipment of shoes from His Airness.

23. Jeremy Lamb (@jeremylamb1)

Jeremy Lamb is poised to have a bigger role with the Oklahoma City Thunder next season and with more notoriety comes more fame. Lamb’s Instagram is full of “selfies” and videos that will allow fans to get to know the up and coming product from UCONN.

22. James Harden (@jharden13)

James Harden had a breakout season for the Houston Rockets and is now a household name among basketball fans. His Instagram gives you insight into him, as he is not afraid to post a meme making fun of him, or teammates.

21. DeAndre Jordan (@deandrejordan6)

DeAndre Jordan is a comedian. Well, actually he’s a basketball player, but he has some of the best comedic chops in the NBA (check him out on Funny Or Die if you’re skeptical). His Instagram page doesn’t lack for comedy either and when he’s not being funny you can find him posting pictures of the shenanigans he and best friend and teammate Blake Griffin are getting into.

20. Harrison Barnes (@hbarnes)

Harrison Barnes exploded onto the scene during the Golden State Warriors playoff run. While Barnes doesn’t have the same outward personality as some of the other players on this list, that doesn’t mean he can’t snap a good picture or two.

19. DeMarcus Cousins (@boogiecousins)

DeMarcus Cousins has a reputation that proceeds him, yet you won’t see any sign of the immature bad boy on his Instagram page–unless you count a video of him dominating less than capable competition. Cousins also isn’t shy about showing off his love for sneakers, either.

18. Dorell Wright (@dwrightway)

Dorell Wright hasn’t been able to stick with one team during his nine seasons in the league, but he has found a home on Instagram where he has 791 total posts to date. Wright shows off his sense of fashion and his son’s foray into the sports world as well.

17. Evan Turner (@evanalmighty12)

The Philadelphia 76ers are in the middle of a rebuild and Evan Turner might end up being the odd man out. However on Instagram he fits right in. Posting comparison pictures of his friends for laughs, pictures of his girlfriend and welcoming the addition of videos to Instagram with a vengeance. ET is doing it right on his IG page.

16. Russell Westbrook (@russwest44)

Besides having world-class speed and athleticism, Russell Westbrook is best known for his “unique” sense of fashion. And there is no better place for him to show his zany outfits off than on Instagram. Photos of his newest attempts to dress outside the box can commonly be found on his profile.

15. Austin Daye (@adaye5)

Austin Daye has yet to make his mark in the NBA after leaving Gonzaga early. He has, however, made his presence felt on Instagram. Daye could very well be confused with your average IG user–if it weren’t for his pictures showcasing him playing or wearing an NBA uniform. Daye is a frequent user of memes and knows how to pick the best of them.

14. John Wall (@john_wall)

John Wall is a smart man, he just signed a brand new five-year $80 million contract with the Washington Wizards. His smarts don’t just extend to business. He quickly caught on to the “Cousin Terrio” hype and posted a video of himself doing the now infamous dances that Terrio can be found doing on Vine.

13. Dwyane Wade (@dwyanewade)

Dwyane Wade is fresh off winning his third NBA championship and he definitely celebrated it full force. He made sure to post a few pictures and videos on Instagram so that the world could see his enjoyment. Wade is also a father of two, and shows his love and affection for his children on the site as well. And it would be a slight not to mention his beautiful girlfriend Gabrielle Union who pops up in a few of his posts as well.

12. Bradley Beal (@realdealbeal23)

Bradley Beal is the third player heading into his sophomore year to appear on this list (Social Media is definitely for the young). Like many of the other occupants of this list, the main source of Beal’s post are “selfies” or some other sort of picture of himself. Though he is a Wizard, Beal does not hesitate to represent his hometown of St. Louis.

11. Trey Burke (@tr3yburke)

The first, and only, rookie to find himself on the list is Trey Burke. Burke is a leading candidate to win Rookie of The Year and will have the ball handed over to him immediately in Utah. On his road to making it to the NBA, he has definitely shared a lot of his journey via Instagram. Burke’s pictures and videos not only let you know more about his daily activities, but also who he is as a person.

10. Chris Paul (@cp3)

Chris Paul is the best point guard in the NBA today, fact. While his on-court persona is one of a cold-blooded killer, off the court he couldn’t be any more different. His Instagram is full of pictures and videos that show him for the man he is off the court: a dad and husband. Also, as a bonus we get constant updates on what one of the funniest kids in all of the NBA is up to—Chris Paul Jr.

9. Paul George (@paul_george24)

Like James Harden, another California native had a breakout season last year and that was Indiana Pacers guard/forward Paul George. George has made sure that his posters would live on in not just paper form by posting a number of them on his profile (we see you Chris Bosh). George also can be spotted in a picture beside a celebrity every so often too.

8. Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant)

Kobe Bryant was a late bloomer in terms of joining the Social Media age. It wasn’t until this year that Bryant created both his Twitter and Instagram accounts. While the Black Mamba doesn’t post often to either, he makes sure to make it count when he does. Since injuring his ankle in mid-April Bryant has posted pictures of his road to recovery, even showing him back on the court at the end of June.

7. Terrence Ross (@3terrenceross1)

The 2013 NBA Slam Dunk champion, Terrence Ross, was also a rookie last year. While his dunks brought him national acclaim, his Instagram page is one of the best in all of basketball. His IG posts aren’t only about himself or basketball either, he has a few on there that serve as social commentary on the world around him.

6. LeBron James (@kingjames)

This is possibly the only list involving basketball where LeBron James is places outside of the Top 5. Like his teammate D Wade, LBJ has taken to Instagram to show his enjoyment and celebration following the Heat’s championship victory. But as the new season approaches, King James has shown off his latest workout regimen as he prepares for next season where Miami will be trying to three peat.

5. Kevin Durant (@easymoneysniper)

Kevin Durant is second only to LeBron when it comes to being the best in the league, but his Instagram would have you hardly believing he’s an NBA superstar. Despite his enormous height, Durant appears to be just an everyday person showcasing chosen moments of his life to anyone who cares to view them.

4. Nate Robinson (@naterobinson)

Nate Robinson is one of the biggest enigmas in the whole league and he uses his Instagram to showcase exactly that. Robinson’s profile and his mind-blowing 1,882 posts sum up the newest Denver Nugget in a nutshell: he’s a father, a friend, a tireless worker and a funny guy. Nate shows off his true self and hides nothing from the fans.

3. Nick Young (@swaggyp1)

With a nickname like “Swaggy P” Nick Young was made for Instagram. While he may not have as bad of an eye for style as fellow Californian, Russell Westbrook, he does have his fair share of outfits that will make you scratch your head. But the ever-confident Young has no shame to his game and a pretty good taste in music as well.

2. Brandon Jennings (@__noexcuses)

Brandon Jennings, the newest Detroit Piston, might be in charge of bringing both excitement and success back to the Motor City, but his Instagram page has them already. Jennings has used the social media giant to his betterment. Whether it’s a picture of him and Johnny Manziel, or his constant longing for actress Lauren London, Jennings is one of the best ballers to do it on the picture-sharing site.

1. Andre Drummond (@andredrummond0)

Andre Drummond had a better than expected rookie season and that encapsulates his Instagram page as well. The 19-year-old big man is involved in just about every Instagram centric post: Throwback Thursday, Woman Crush Wednesday, Nobody’s Safe, memes, etc. You can find all of this on Drummond’s page and more.

Who is your favorite NBA player to follow on Instagram?

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