Blake Griffin Suffered A Concussion After JaVale McGee Accidentally Elbowed Him In The Head

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01.06.18 4 Comments

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A frightening moment occurred on Saturday afternoon as the Los Angeles Clippers played host to the Golden State Warriors. Late in the game’s first quarter, Blake Griffin had the ball in the corner and tried to drive toward the rim, where he was met by Warriors big man JaVale McGee.

Griffin gathered himself and tried to attack the rim, but he was inadvertently caught in the side of the head by McGee’s elbow. It left Griffin down in some serious pain, and while the game continued on, Griffin laid on the floor behind the play.

Things eventually stopped, at which point the camera panned back and showed Griffin’s right hand shaking. Steph Curry came to check on him, and he was eventually tended to by Golden State’s medical staff. Here is a video of the incident, which as a warning is kind of hard to watch.

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