Bonzi Wells Thinks The Jail Blazers Era Was Misunderstood

06.23.17 2 years ago

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The history of Portland basketball from about 2000-2005 is mired in controversy and is often spun wildly out of control. The “Jail Blazers,” as many described the early 2000 Portland teams, persist in the memories of many NBA fans because of the media attention they received — and continue to receive — for both on- and off-the-court incidents. Bonzi Wells, who made an appearance on the BIG3 Show to talk about the early ‘00s Blazers and the struggles at that time.

Wells had some hilarious moments with the media during his time in the NBA, specifically his ‘trash’ post-game interview, but highlighted one specific incident on the podcast that negatively impacted his career in Portland and beyond:

“I remember back when I had an article in Sports Illustrated. Some clown came in for one day and had the nerve to tell the people that I hate the fans. And the fans believed it! And I’m like, everyone let some clown who has no association with us come in here and say I hate the fans?

“When he took the closed quote he asked me, ‘how do you feel about the fans booing you?’ And I said ‘I really hate it. It’s tough because I know we didn’t play well.’ He just totally wrote it some other way and that stayed with me my whole career. But I never had a chance to tell nobody, this is the first time I actually said it in public. That’s the type of stuff they were doing to us, they wanted to demonize us so they could have a reason to trade us, to justify it. That was just such bull crap back then but we had to take it.”

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