Celtics Fans Busted Out A ‘Who Is Bledsoe?’ Chant After Eric Bledsoe Picked Up A Technical Foul

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The strangest subplot to the series between the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks came when Eric Bledsoe claimed he didn’t know who Terry Rozier was. This statement by Bledsoe came after he played poorly through the first two games, while Rozier had 23 points in each of the first two games — both Boston wins.

Things leveled out a little after that point. Bledsoe started playing better while Rozier’s hot start to the series tapered off, but still, the second-year Celtics guard has had the upper hand in the series. And during the deciding Game 7 in Boston, the Celtics’ fans decided to let Bledsoe know they hadn’t forgotten what he had to say.

How exactly did they do that? Easy: They claimed to forget his name. Bledsoe scored nine first-quarter points, but late in the frame, he shoved Shane Larkin in the back during a layup attempt to pick up a technical foul. Larkin shot and made three free throws, and while those were going on, Boston fans busted out a “Who Is Bledsoe?” chant.

This is the kind of thing that could come back to haunt Boston fans if Bledsoe plays well in a win, but they’ve completely bought into doing this as a way to get into Bledsoe’s head. Time will tell if it’s a strategy that works.