Bradley Beal Loves All The Times He’s Been Turned Into A Meme

Despite the fact that things aren’t exactly going great for the 9-17 Washington Wizards this season, Bradley Beal is very much the type of person who seems to greatly enjoy the fact that he plays professional basketball for a living. At the very least, he’s the kind of player who has brought fans plenty of joy throughout his time in the league.

This doesn’t just mean how he plays or the fact that he does a ton of charity work off the court. Beal is one of the NBA players who oftentimes finds themselves getting meme’d, with the most recent example coming when he crawled under the stands to retrieve a lost ball earlier this week. There have been plenty of examples of guys not loving being included in fans’ meme stashes, but during an interview with Chris Miller of NBC Sports Washington, Beal explained that he’s able to laugh at all the times fans have gotten jokes off at pictures of him.

“It’s so funny because I don’t do them on purpose,” Beal said. “Some I do, some I do. But I don’t try to do the faces, you know the Internet is undefeated. So I just try to bring some fun and some light to it but I just try to be me. But my favorite? I don’t know, man, this last one was funny with me under the tarp…I got a kick out of it.”

One thing that seems ripe for getting meme’d is Beal’s reaction to getting fouled. As he told Miller, he’ll bust out “Crime Tape Beal” from time to time after he absorbs a ton of contact.

“If I get clobbered, if I get fouled, aye man, get the white chalk, man,” Beal said while laughing and then sprawling as he sat down.

“You gotta sell it, man,” Beal went on to say. “The refs won’t give it to you, so, you know, it’s like, ‘Oh, man, you just took my soul away.'”

Beal admitted he tries to get an Emmy when he hits the deck, so the next time the Wizards play, be sure to make him getting fouled into something that goes viral, because you’ll be doing him a pretty big favor.