Brandon Ingram Is The Best 6’9 Street Artist New York City Has To Offer

Brandon Ingram may still be incredibly thin and lanky, but the talented former Duke forward is supremely talented nonetheless and is the favorite to be selected by the Los Angeles Lakers with the No. 2 pick in the NBA Draft on Thursday.

Ingram was a pretty big star in the world of college basketball this past season, helping to lead Duke into the Sweet 16. But apparently no one in New York City is a big Blue Devils fan, because Ingram was able to moonlight as a street artist without anyone suspecting he was about to become a multi-millionaire.

Draft Kings TV taped Ingram showing off his secret talent at Washington Square Park, and the 18-year-old star can more than hold his own with a pencil and an easel. Although some of his customers were a little bit suspicious of the fact that a 6’9 artist said that he hated basketball and had never even heard of the Cavaliers or Warriors, he played it off as well as he could before revealing his true identity in the end and signing his drawings for his patrons.

Although Ingram might have had a future in the world of NYC street artistry, I think he’s probably okay with sticking with the NBA from here on out.

(Via Draft Kings TV)