Brian Windhorst Is Speaking In Riddles About The Cavaliers Offseason Plans

The Cleveland Cavaliers are coming off of a promising season that ended earlier than expected. After getting the 4-seed in the Eastern Conference in the first year of the Donovan Mitchell era, Cleveland lost in five games to the New York Knicks in the first round of the postseason, with starting center Jarrett Allen infamously saying “even for me, the lights were brighter than expected.”

The Cavs now have to figure out how they want to build out their roster this offseason, something that is especially tricky due to the sheer amount of stuff they sent to Utah in the trade that landed them Mitchell. Apparently, ESPN insider Brian Windhorst has been hearing some rumblings, but Windhorst is pretty famous for not giving away too terribly much until he has stuff on lock or leaving a potential trail of breadcrumbs for folks to follow. As such, during a cameo on ESPN Cleveland, we got this:

“I don’t have a terrific feel for what the Cavs are doing,” Windhorst said. “They’ve kept their information pretty tight. I have some speculation, there’s a couple of … outlandish stuff that I’m not gonna say right now, cause I’d get in trouble. I wish I could tell you more, and I know I shouldn’t tease you. But there’s one thing out there that I heard that, well, just look on social media in this last week and see what you see, and start going from there.”

It stands to reason that this is not an indication that the Cavs are going to do the Allen, Evan Mobley, and a pick for Tobias Harris swap that made its way onto socials this past week. Having said that, no one else in the NBA reporting game is as good as Windhorst at making clear that something is going on without giving away exactly what it is, so consider us excited to see whatever Cleveland is cooking up right now.