The Bucks Brought The Receipts For Heat Twitter After Sweeping Miami

Less than a year ago, the Miami Heat effectively bullied their way through the Milwaukee Bucks in five games in Orlando to send the top-seeded Bucks out of the playoffs in Round 2, sparking endless speculation about their future, namely with Giannis Antetokounmpo’s supermax extension on the table. In the offseason, despite that disappointment, the Bucks got Giannis to sign and went to work on reshaping the roster around him, namely by trading for Jrue Holiday to give Giannis and Khris Middleton the point guard threat they needed on both ends.

When the end of this regular season rolled around and the Bucks drew the 3-seed while Miami ended up in the 6-seed, their first round series immediately became the most anticipated of the East and, arguably, of the entire postseason. Heat fans were feeling very confident after how things went in the Bubble, but the Bucks clearly saw this as an opportunity to exorcise some playoff demons. After winning an OT thriller in Game 1, the Bucks won the next three games by a combined 80 points, leaving no doubt who was the superior team in 2021.

For a full year the Bucks Twitter account has heard from Heat fans calling them frauds and talking about how Miami’s owned Milwaukee, and after Saturday’s win, they exacted some revenge by breaking out the receipts from this season in a video trolling Heat Twitter.

It is perfectly played by the Bucks, who waited til the series was officially over to get one last dunk on Miami, turning Heat Twitter’s words against them. The best was the shift after Game 3 to sifting through replies to the Heat’s Twitter account rather than their own from fans wondering if they were really Bubble frauds and questioning their very existence.